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In Six Months, Electronic Systems Company Identifies 300+ B2B Leads in a Niche Market

The targeted lead generation campaign on “Wireless Control and Monitoring of Agricultural Equipment through ISOBUS, Smartphones and Tablets” projected high six-figure in sales.


About JCA Electronics

JCA Electronics (www.jcaelectronics.ca) specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). JCA strives to not only understand the design and function of our customers products, but also the company that produces them. Starting with requirements and concept, next prototyping and testing the system, and then through production and service, the company’s designed systems effectively blend physical and digital products. JCA’s innovative devices incorporate wireless technology and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, to enhance customer’s time to market and the experience and productivity of their end users.

JCA is committed to strengthen the value of its customers products and to allow customers to become more responsive and capable in a world of rapidly evolving technology.


The Challenge

Since it was founded, JCA has built its reputation on the design and manufacturing of wire harnesses and electronic components. Over time, the company expanded its capabilities to become an innovative, full electronic control systems design and manufacturing organization.

This new business focus required the company to:

  • Gain a new position in the market as experts in complete electronic control systems (considering that the company has been known for their wire harnesses, electronic components, and control panels),
  • Create awareness about the broader business competences, and
  • Identify OEMs with potential interest in selecting JCA as their electronic integration center for complete electronic control systems or some smaller component of that to start.  

At the same time, JCA had a brand new website. Sharp and and up-to-date, it worked as an online brochure.  Before meeting NicheMktg, the company was uncertain about what else the website could do to support and increase the company’s revenue.


The Solution

JCA hired NicheMktg for a six-months lead generation campaign. Why NicheMktg? Because the firm’s experience in the engineering field, its strategic approach to targeted lead generation and results-oriented methodology.

NicheMktg’s engagement started with an audit, to assess JCA’s current situation, business goals and needs. This research and initial immersion into the business allowed NicheMktg to quickly jump on board. NicheMktg helped JCA to narrow down the target market and select one niche market segment for business development: “Wireless Control and Monitoring of Agricultural Equipment through ISOBUS, Smartphones and Tablets”. Once the target market and business goals were established, NicheMktg developed a B2B marketing strategy to identify and reach new targeted leads within the selected niche market.

The goals for the project included:

  • Reposition JCA from a wire harnesses design and development supplier into an expert, innovator on full electronic control systems  
  • Identify a B2B niche market to excel in, positioning the company as an expert
  • Identify and reach leads:
    • in original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
    • in Canada and US,
    • within the defined target market,
    • interested in exploring JCA’s full electronic systems capabilities
  • Convert the website into a tool that generates new business opportunities, real leads for the sales team to follow up on

The combination of research, smart segmentation (by niche market) and strategic B2B marketing led to the definition of an actionable plan. This plan included key performance indicators (KPIs) for accountability and to measure the success of the plan.

During the implementation stage, JCA Electronics designated a subject matter expert in the Engineering department to work closely with NicheMktg. According to the plan, schedule and budget, the team created 20+ pieces of new compelling content. Pieces such as (but was not limited to) a white paper, webinar, strong call-to-action, marketing collateral, infographics, landing pages, video, were smoothly created without disturbing the Engineering department work.

JCA received periodic reports on leads with information that included name, job title, company, phone number, application and other qualifying information relevant for JCA. The report also reflected the level of engagement for each prospect, so the Sales team could organize and prioritize the follow up. Since the beginning of the campaign, NicheMktg worked closely with the Sales Manager to ensure that the outcomes of the campaign and quality of the leads were aligned with the needs and expectations of the Sales Department.


The Results

The campaign on “Wireless Control and Monitoring of Agricultural Equipment through ISOBUS, Smartphones and Tablets” successfully achieved the following results:

Some Highlights

Area Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Achievement
Leads # of engaged leads 300+
# of top quality leads 50+
# of people registered to a webinar 298
# of people attending a webinar 96
Business Estimated additional revenue generated by this campaign High six-figure
Positioning JCA recognized as an expert in the selected field
Sales focus JCA’s sales team focus on top quality and captive leads
Marketing material JCA has now a series of fresh marketing assets that support its position as an expert
Awareness JCA increased the number of visitors to website, as well as content consumption through emails, webinar, white paper and other materials
B2B practices JCA is up-to-date in B2B marketing best practices
Website Organic search volume (Google) 150% increase
Direct visits (visitors typing client’s url) 222% increase
Referrals (visitors coming from other websites pointing to client’s) 186% increase
# of new sessions 172% increase
# of unique users 161% increase
# of views 120% increase
Visits from selected geographic target market 148% increase
Website role and goals JCA’s website is set as a 24/7 sales rep and a lead generation machine
Web page ranking Growth in the number of links and traffic helps Google identify JCA as an authority in the field (therefore benefits the ranking of client’s web pages)


“I’ve been working closely with Dafne and NichMktg for over 6 months now and I feel very thankful for our relationship.  We are a growing high-tech manufacturing & engineering company that needs to have effective tools in place to allow us to best understand and communicate with our (potential) customers.  NicheMktg is very strong at understanding the work of Engineers and how products and services bring value to end-users.  Dafne is good at utilizing technology and software to show these types of company strengths in a way that brings leads from suitable customers (typically OEMs in our case).  It has also worked to strengthened our relationships with our present customer base.  She works hard to establish practices that are permanent and effective towards increasing sales and I have been appreciative of her persistence, passion, and openness to help in many areas.”

John Anderson, President

JCA Electronics


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