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Strategic marketing for targeted B2B lead generation.

How would you describe your ideal customer?

NicheMktg can help your company to find and identify the individuals that fit your definition of an “ideal customer”. You can access data such as contact information, company they work for, application, role in the development of the product or any other piece of information that you consider relevant to qualify any given prospect.

As a B2B lead generation company focused on the industrial, technology and scientific sectors, we have a deep understanding of the most up-to-date tools that companies use for doing business with other companies.

We have expertise in the art and science of marketing to engineers and scientists. We use the B2B marketing tools that are effective to reach industrial, technology and scientific companies. We can tell you exactly which individuals are interacting with your content, and how.

These differentiate NicheMktg from so many others out there.



Our Targeted B2B Lead Generation Programs

NicheMktg presents an innovative, “go-to-market” approach to targeted lead generation for B2B businesses.

Starting with smart segmentation and the definition of goals and strategy, we get deep into your company to understand your organization and your business objectives, as well as your current and desired position in the market.

According to your particular needs, selected niche market and ideal customer to target, we define and implement a well-articulated B2B marketing mix campaign that highlights what makes your product unique and/or the best in the market. The marketing material we create and implement is specially tailored so your ideal customer in your defined target market makes a meaningful connection with your company. Not only that, we can:

  • identify the individuals who interact with your marketing material, and
  • determine the level of interest for each particular person

NicheMktg targeted B2B lead generation programs include the design and implementation of  effective B2B marketing mix campaigns. Our campaigns include traditional marketing tools (such as mailings, trade shows and data sheets) as well as the most up-to-date digital machine (webinars, SEO, PPC, white papers, just to name a few). NicheMktg will work with your company to define and develop the right set of marketing assets to position your company as an expert in the defined market segment, provide your brand with global visibility and attract and identify the right leads.

All the above according to your company’s business goals, strategy and selected niche target market.



We would love to learn about your products and your niche market audience. Let’s explore today how our targeted B2B lead generation programs can help your company connect with your ideal clients, wherever they are.



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