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At NicheMktg we combine Market Intelligence, Micro Segmentation, Lead Generation, Strategic Marketing Campaigns, Big Data Analytics, Lead Scoring and Measurable Outcomes to connect companies with their ideal customers - no matter where they are.

Dafne Orbach

I founded NicheMktg because industrial manufacturing, ICT and scientific companies are underserved in their lead generation and B2B marketing needs. These companies:

  • have clearly defined markets they need to reach
  • know very well who a “qualified lead” is
  • require specialized methodologies to identify and reach their ideal customers in niche markets.

However, when it comes to defining strategies to find the high quality prospects they need, especially in a global market, many companies struggle with traditional tools that are not as effective as they used to be. At the same time, business-to-consumer (B2C) tactics simply don’t achieve the same effects for companies that sell complex products.

Identifying leads within B2B niche markets requires a specific approach. Some companies specialize in mass marketing and I created NicheMktg to find the needle in the haystack. NicheMktg goal is to become the go-to, high quality business partner that industrial manufacturing, ICT and scientific companies need. We take the time to understand the particular business goals, define the right strategy and put it to work to find fresh, qualified leads within niche markets, wherever they are.

I combine the best of both worlds: my academic background is in Marketing and Communications and I have 20 years experience in the B2B sector, 15+ of them working specifically with technical companies. Since I started, I learnt my trade by working every day, side by side, with technical minds: software specialists, engineers, physicists, scientists and a wide spectrum of technical professionals. I understand the language, the style, the audience, and the particular business challenges. I know how to get the best knowledge out of the experts and put the information to work so it generates brand-new leads. I strongly believe that top-notch products deserve nothing less that top-notch marketing. Nothing less. Through NicheMktg, I bring my experience to the market that includes:

  • Projects in multinational companies, as well as smaller local businesses;
  • International experience working closely with customers, vendors and distributors in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania; and
  • Knowledge of the best practices in B2B lead generation and niche marketing.

This is where NicheMktg comes from.

Targeted B2B Lead Generation in Niche Markets

NicheMktg is a business-to-business (B2B) lead generation company based in Winnipeg, Canada. 100% dedicated to finding B2B opportunities, we have hands-on experience in the art and science of marketing to engineers, scientists, industrial and technical professionals.

The internet has changed the traditional sales paradigm, and we help companies to compete in today’s new sales environment. In order to identify and reach targeted leads in global, niche markets, we incorporate the best practices in big data analytics, market segmentation, research and strategic marketing. We employ the latest digital and traditional marketing tools.

We are passionate about what we do. Presenting real business results to our clients is the driving force behind each project that we design and implement.

We have 15+ years in the industry.

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