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“I’ve been working closely with Dafne and NichMktg for over 6 months now and I feel very thankful for our relationship. We are a growing high-tech manufacturing & engineering company that needs to have effective tools in place to allow us to best understand and communicate with our (potential) customers. NicheMktg is very strong at understanding the work of Engineers and how products and services bring value to end-users. Dafne is good at utilizing technology and software to show these types of company strengths in a way that brings leads from suitable customers (typically OEMs in our case).  It has also worked to strengthened our relationships with our present customer base. She works hard to establish practices that are permanent and effective towards increasing sales and I have been appreciative of her persistence, passion, and openness to help in many areas.”


John Anderson

President, JCA Electronics

“Dafne started working on a condensed marketing campaign for the WING smart circuit breaker panel over the period of about two months leading up to the CEDIA tradeshow. The WING product was completely unknown, so the task was to raise awareness of the product and prepare for the trade show where the product would be launched. Dafne did an excellent job in first understanding the product and its strengths and weaknesses, which allowed her to understand the specific target markets where the product could be most successful. She guided the development of the website, Facebook page, and tradeshow literature to ensure that it tied together and told the story we were looking to project to our potential customers. Dafne also conducted interviews with people who represented key demographics in our market, such as utility managers and home builders. These interviews provided us with better understanding of how the product may be viewed in the industry. Dafne also attended the trade show and helped to interact with potential customers and partner companies. Dafne did a great job in this marketing campaign; she was extremely effective in helping to create awareness of the product leading up to the CEDIA tradeshow and as a result we had a very successful product launch with strong market response.” Darcy Cook

P. Eng., CTO, WING Energy

“NicheMktg turns the mystery of leads generation into a more predictable science. Dafne’s fundamental principles of market focus, customer value, fact-based decision making and relevant marketing techniques will optimize revenue growth. I highly recommend NicheMktg if you are struggling with knowing how to grow your business!” Murray Grant

Founder & CEO, MasterKey Business Solutions, Inc.

“Working with Dafne Orbach from NicheMktg has been a revelation. She has the insight and proven methodology to help science and technology companies identify and connect with prospective customers. I’ve seen how NicheMktg’s strategic approach has helped companies connect with their target markets and grow sales.” Margo Shaw

Executive Director, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA)

“Dafne has taken our marketing strategy to a new level, preparing the ground for the success of our sales team. Osorno Enterprises provides a high number of services and products, with complex and multiple target markets and long to very long buying cycles. Since Dafne started working with us about 1 ½ year ago, she successfully managed to conduct market research that is actionable for the sales team, identified specific, profitable niche markets to target, and defined and implemented marketing strategies focused on increasing sales in the selected niches. Dafne not only gets the job done, but she is also great to work with. For organizations that sell solutions to very specific target markets, you need look no further than Dafne for a strategic and hands-on marketing expert.” Irena Motnenko

President, Osorno Enterprises

“NicheMktg has done a through and expeditious job in the first stage of our marketing research. Seeing as this particular application has never been researched by anyone they were still able to find the several pitfalls we will be facing when we begin Marketing to the public, and that will enable us to address those issues prior to the initial roll out and thus give us a big head start with answering our customers needs and their questions. I look forward to working with them as we continue our marketing and product roll out.”

Bruce Williams

Owner, PRB Solutions LLC

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