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We help companies that create innovation
to successfully commercialize their solutions for niche B2B markets

Focus your efforts on specific market segments.
Find and reach your ideal customers.
Targeted B2B lead generation

Why Should You Call NicheMktg?

Your business offers numerous solutions for multiple markets. You need to determine which one you should be focusing your marketing efforts on in order to maximize sales.

Your product or service can be used for different purposes / applications, or your company is about to enter a new global niche market. You need to identify specific prospects.

You have a new business idea, working prototype or finished product that you’d like to validate before additional investments are made towards it.

Your business intends to attend a trade show or mission and you need support to make the event a success.

What We Can Do for You

B2B Lead Generation

Generate qualified, targeted leads to feed your sales pipeline


Understand the B2B niche market you are about to enter


Help you identify your competitive advantage


Build and expand your company’s reputation


Position your company as the niche expert


Create and increase awareness within your B2B niche market

Industries We Serve

Industrial Manufacturing

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)



What We Deliver

Marketing Research

We work with your company to gather market intelligence – the basis for a customer-focused marketing strategy.

New, pre-qualified leads from a targeted niche market

We provide current, real-time information about potential customers. Our big data analysis reveals name, company, position, email address, qualifying information and, most importantly, level of interest. We transform anonymous website visitors into known leads. We don’t purchase contact or mailing lists and we are not a telemarketing company.

Compelling marketing materials targeted towards the selected niche market

We assist your company identify your own positioning and competitive advantages, build your business’ reputation as an industry expert, and create marketing materials that establish your credibility.  Our work approach is based on a methodology called “inbound marketing” (a.k.a. content marketing). We are certified for this methodology by an industry leader and we are an Act-On agency partner.

How We Deliver


Give us a call or send a message to find out if we are a good match for your business challenges. No cost and no commitment, no worries.